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Welcome to Bait Binder!

Bait Binder was developed in 1998 to provide shrimp baiters with a pre-mix product with superior durability and high fish meal content. Over the past 14 years, the Bait Binder mission and our formula have remained unchanged. Many old-fashioned shrimpers remain steadfast in using fish meal and clay, however, every year those who decide to experiment with Bait Binder are easily converted.
Currently, fish meal cost alone can average $1.00 or more per pound in a retail setting. When you add the expense of clay or the labor involved in collecting pluff mud (where legal), you add more cost and time. Furthermore, you will still need to mix your ingredients, and clay and mud are very messy.
With Bait Binder, there is no mixing. Just add water! Forming bait balls is so simple it can be done on the boat between the landing and your favorite shrimping hole.