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At Coastal Baits, LLC, we have been selling premium, high quality, and affordable products for over 20 years. All Bait Binder creations are non-perishable and easy to use; 
just add water! 
Our products can be used in both salt and freshwater! Bait Binder is effective for shrimp, crabs, crawfish, lobster, catfish, and for chumming most varieties of game and baitfish. Shop our online bait shop and enjoy fishing made easy!

Great for fReshwater & saltwater fishing!

Bait Binder products can be used to lure a wide variety of water creatures such as Shrimp, Catfish, Crabs, Crawfish and many types of fish.

You Need To Watch This Video!

Watch this video to get some tips and tricks on cast netting for shrimp with the best shrimp bait on the planet, Bait Binder The ‘Original’.

Catch'em ALL!

With our secret blend of bait, you can just add water and be out on the water in no time catching records. Our “Original” Bait Binder is great for catching Shrimp, Crawfish, Crabs, and even Lobster!

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The Tennessee Catfish that came ‘Back from the Dead’
The Tennessee Catfish that came ‘Back from the Dead’

The Smoky Madtom was pronounced extinct — until its comeback in the 1980s. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park posted about the little catfish. KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — In an aquatic 80s throwback, Great Smoky Mountains National Park posted a Facebook update about a mysterious little fish: the Smoky Madtom. The 2-inch venomous catfish is native to the Little Tennessee Watershed…

Recreational Spiny Lobster Season Open
Recreational Spiny Lobster Season Open

Thousands of lobster divers and hoop netters are eagerly awaiting the start of the sports season for California’s spiny lobster, which opens at 6 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 28 and continue through March 18, 2020. A lobster report card is required for all persons fishing for lobster. Any person using hoop nets from a public pier and children who are under…

How Pittsburgh River Anglers are Catching Bigger Catfish
How Pittsburgh River Anglers are Catching Bigger Catfish

This story starts 15 million years ago with a freshwater aquatic predator that dominated North America’s primitive rivers. Fossils of that Miocene Epoch monster are indistinguishable from the modern flathead catfish. The perfect predator still plies the waters of the Mississippi River system, with the eastern edge of the flathead’s native range stretching to the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers. Despite…

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