Bait Binder ‘Old Chum Crumble’

One of the best ways to increase your catch while fishing is to “Chum Those Waters!”.

Bait Binder ‘Old Chum Crumble’ was designed at the request of several charter captains around Charleston, SC. These fishermen had been using Bait Binder ‘The Original’ as a fish chum but wanted a product that broke down a little quicker and put a better particle trail in the water. These captains felt the scent was plenty strong but an increased particle release would greatly assist in attracting small bait fish. We added crumble to the recipe and played with some percentages. The resulting product was more economical with a better dispersion rate. Mission accomplished!

‘Old Chum Crumble’ prepares the same as ‘The Original’ and each unit comes with a reusable chum bag. We aimed to price this product to compete with frozen blocks of chum. The obvious advantage is that you can use what you need and save the remainder for later. ‘Old Chum Crumble’ is convenient, effective, and will be extremely popular in areas where any chumming is prevalent. Whether trolling, drifting or anchored, hook-up rates for Shark, Snapper, Tarpon, Tuna, Mahi, Wahoo, and most all other saltwater species will greatly increase. Bait Binder ‘Old Chum Crumble’ can also be utilized in freshwater around docks, crappie attractors, and in your favorite catfish spots.

“Chum Those Waters!”