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‘Baiting With Balls’ – Since 1998

Bringing home shrimp from the seafood store is enough to get the appetite burning. Catching a mess of shrimp on your own however, combines the excitement and suspense of fishing with the sweet reward of eating fresh seafood. In one form or another, shrimp baiting has been going on for quite some time in most all coastal or tidal regions across the world. Bait is applied to traps or freely to waters where there are shrimp; the shrimp then congregate to take advantage of the free food, and the fisherman takes advantage of the shrimp’s greedy appetite. It is always important to check the rules and regulations for your state, and in some cases, the specific rules for the area before you plan to go shrimp baiting.

Shrimp Baiting in South Carolina

Baiting and cast netting for shrimp inSouth Carolina became a licensed and seasonal activity for the recreational angler in the early 1980s. Like fishing, a license is purchased. This license corresponds with ten shrimping tags that are received when purchasing your shrimp baiting permit. These tags are placed on shrimping ‘poles’ that are used for visual reference when placing bait and later for making throws with your cast net over the bait.

Bait balls are made in various ways with menhaden fish meal the typical common ingredient. Fish meal is a high protein meal made from menhaden that has enough stink power to knock a buzzard off a manure wagon; most creatures that swim or crawl in the water find it delicious. Of course, we recommend using The ‘Original’ Bait Binder for making this bait; we explain why a bit later.

In short, a shrimp baiting location is chosen based on experience, tips or rumors, or trial and error. You know, “That’s why they call it fishing…”. Poles are placed in the water with the tips stuck in the mud or sand bottom. Bait balls are then placed in and around these poles giving the angler a visual reference when later throwing the cast net over the baited areas. When shrimp are in the area, it typically only takes 20 – 30 minutes for them to pile up over your bait. This makes throwing a cast net much more exciting and rewarding. Be mindful of your catch limits as this method can produce a very bountiful harvest. In the excitement of the moment, it is easy to lose count of your catch.  Check out this full shrimping seminar for shrimp baiting in SC.

Why Use The ‘Original’ Bait Binder?

The ‘Original’ Bait Binder is a fish meal-based
product. All you do is add water. Making bait balls takes only a few minutes,
and it is far less messy than all other methods. We recommend making bait balls on the spot instead of before your fishing trip. The finished product lasts for hours and eliminates the need for rebaiting the area. We love the convenience, durability, and effectiveness that The ‘Original’ provides, and so will you.

The ‘Original’ comes in a heavy-duty, resealable bag that is heat-sealed during packaging. When you are ready to make bait balls, simply open the bag and pour some in a mixing container. While stirring with your fingers, slowly add water until the mixture becomes evenly moist. As you begin to reach a good moisture point, the bait begins to clump together. At this point, you are ready to form the bait into any size or shape that meets your needs. For shrimping, we recommend a hockey puck size that is more flat than round to prevent rolling in a heavier tidal flow. Check out the above brief mixing demonstration to see just how easy it is to use The ‘Original’ Bait Binder.

“Bait with Balls” and spend more time catching and less time mixing.

Using The ‘Original’ Bait Binder in Your Home Waters

Remember to always check the rules and regulations for your waters. The ‘Original’ is so versatile it can be used trap; it is indeed a slow release product! Try The ‘Original’ in hoop traps for catfish and for chumming game fish or attracting bait fish in your favorite fishing areas. Yuo can even use The ‘Original’ for crabbing season, which we have seen attracts tons of crabs. We are confident that you will find many uses for our product. Have fun and be safe on the water!