Catfish Cubes

Bait Binder ‘Catfish Cubes’ – Stays on the Hook

The Problem

Ask most fisherman to tell you the top three baits for consistently catching catfish, and liver will usually be on the list. It is no secret; liver has always been considered the “go to” bait for getting catfish for the dinner table. The only issue with using liver? It is often difficult to get liver to stay on the hook. Bait Binder has fixed this problem!

The Fix – Look Out Mr. Whisker!

Introducing 100% pure liver Bait Binder ‘Catfish Cubes’. Our livers are cubed into a size perfect for catfish and put through a patented drying process that toughens their texture and eliminates spoilage. Simply add water to the line on the side of the container, shake thoroughly, and let your ‘Catfish Cubes’ sit for at least 20 minutes. ‘Catfish Cubes’ will absorb the flavored juices in the container and become soft and spongy. THEY WILL NOT COME OFF THE HOOK!

Flavors include Strawberry, Blueberry Garlic, Bloody Beef, Cheesy Anise and Devil’s Dung. BLUE, CHANNEL, BULLHEAD and MADTOM catfish absolutely love these products; CARP go wild over the Strawberry.

We promise that you will either catch a catfish or you will still have your bait. Perfect for rod and reel, limb line, jugging, and trotline applications. ‘Catfish Cubes’ are easier to use and less messy than dough balls or dip baits and equally effective. Catfish love liver! Unused portions can be refrigerated or frozen for later use so there is no waste.

Check out this brief demonstration on how to prepare Bait Binder ‘Catfish Cubes’.

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