Buy Lobster Bait That Works

The solution to Maine Lobster Bait Crisis & Catching Rock Lobsters

Lobster Bait Alternative “The Original” produced by Bait Binder just add water bait kit for Lobster. This bait can be used for commercial or recreational lobster fishing.

Herring has been lobstermen’s bait of choice for years. Recently there has been a significant decrease in herring and the government is regulating how much Herring can be harvested from the ocean. The acceptable level of herring allowed is now only 70% of its normal harvesting rate.

lobster bait

Bait Binder is a proven alternative for shrimp, crab, and lobsters.  We have seen other bait companies not be able to produce the quantity needed to supply lobsterman with the amount of bait at the right price to make it an economical choice of bait.  Give us a call and we can make it happen!

What does a South Carolina man know about lobster baiting? I can tell you all shellfish no matter what species flock to Bait Binder says owner David Gasque.  We have designed
this bait to stay together and seep out the flavors of the ocean to catch lobsters. We have a patent process with our ingredients to ensure its durability in ocean waters.

We know firsthand at Bait Binder how messy fresh or dead fish bait can be. That’s why we created Bait Binders Products years ago. Lobstermen are no different when it comes to baiting traps. Take the mess out of Lobster Baiting and test Bait Binders “The Original” the next time you leave the shore.

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