# 1 Catfish Bait By David Gasque Owner of Bait Binder Bait With Balls

So many people claim to have the # 1 Catfish bait. At Bait Binder we have customers like Kelly Epley in Murrells Inlet, SC that say Bait Binder Catfish Cubes are his #1 Catfish Bait.

To be at least consider the #1 Catfish bait in the country you have to be used by more than a couple of Fisherman. Our Catfish Cubes are in stores everywhere. Please check out our locations page to see how many bait shops carry Bait Binder Products.   We let our customers and bait shops do the talking.

We all love a good fishing story but being the # 1 Catfish Bait in the United States would be a pretty tough contest. I don’t think you could actually quantify it with all the different types of baits and species of catfish.

So why does David Gasque of Bait Binders Catfish Cubes think he may be considered having the # 1 Catfish Bait?  Well here is what has to say ” it’s about the bait,  but it’s also about:

  • Convenience
  • 100% liver
  • Grab and go Container
  • Reusable Container
  • No stink
  • No Dipping
  • No catching brem, crappie or bluegill to use for bait
  • No preparing bait the night before to use the next day
  • No hunting for night crawlers
  • No Mess to clean up
  • Stays on hook

He says it’s the # 1 Catfish Bait because it keeps him fishing for catfish! He likes to spend his time fishing not fishing for Bait.  It’s that simple!

There are so many claims on who has the Best or Top Catfish Bait.  So you can read all those claims on the internet when you Google “the Best Catfish Bait” or you can just order from Bait Binders today and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. It doesn’t matter what species of Catfish you are fishing for Bait Binder Catfish cubes can be used to catch them all.  So we’re still kind of a secret.