Great Catfish Bait for Fishing No Dip or Dipping Cat fish Bait

Bait Binders Catfish Cubes are proven to catch cat fish anywhere in the United States.   Bait Binders founder David Gasque is a proven angler and has used almost every kind of catfish bait known to man.

Here are some of the catfish baits he used before he developed Bait Binder Catfish Cubes: Shad, Chicken Livers,  Dip Baits, Night Crawlers, Crawfish, and Dough Mixtures.

When David developed the Bait Binder Catfish Cubes to lure in every type of catfish. Our bait is used to catch Channel, Blue, and Flatheads.

Why is Bait Binder the Top Catfish Bait for Catfish?

  • 100% Liver
  • Stays on Hook
  • No Dipping
  • Ready in minutes: Just add Water
  • Two Flavor Profiles: Blueberry Garlic and Strawberry
  • Reusable Container for unused portion
  • Grab and Go Fishing Bait

The Best catfish bait is the kind that you don’t have to make or hunt for before you go Cat Fishing.  Who wants to mix bait over a fire, catch bait fish, get messy with dip bait or search for night crawlers?  Bait Binders wants you to get up in the morning put your boat in the water and cast your line.  That’s why we are considered the Top Catfish bait for anglers that use our Bait Binder Catfish Cubes.

# 1 Catfish Baits are ranked by their Anglers. We have so many bait and tackle shops that carry our Catfish Cubes listed on our locations page. All you have to do is call the bait shop and ask them who they consider has the #1 catfish bait and I bet they will say Bait Binders Catfish Cubes are far superior to any other catfish bait on the market.  So get the Catfish Edge on your fishing day by using The Best Catfish Bait Cubes by Bait Binder.  A Catfish Bait you probably haven’t tried is waiting for you at Bait Binder.  Order your Catfish Cubes now!