Top Catfish Bait No Dip Bait Binder Top Cat Fish Bait

Fisherman using Bait Binder Catfish Cubes consider it “The Top Catfish bait” on the market.. David Gasque owner of Bait Binder has tested out different flavor profiles to find out which flavors catfish like the most.

The Top 5 Catfish Bait Flavors that David says Catfish bite the most on are Strawberry, Blueberry Garlic, Cheesy Anise, Devils Dung, and Bloody Beef.   We did our homework on flavor profiles that work, so you can enjoy catching catfish!

Why Bait Binder’s Catfish Cubes are considered The Top Catfish Bait:

  • 100% Liver
  • Stays on Hook
  • No Dipping
  • Ready in minutes: Just add Water
  • Multiple Flavor Profiles:
  • Reusable Container for the unused portion
  • Grab and Go Fishing Bait

 The challenges of catfish bait when not using Bait Binder Catfish Cubes:

  • Try a homemade recipes and make it the night before fishing
  • No dipping Required !
  • Smelling  rotten or foul animal meat  or animal parts
  • Fishing for live bait to use before they can drop their line
  • Clean up a mess from preparing their bait.
  • Saving unused portion of bait for your next fishing trip
  • Ageing meat so it stinks before you go fishing.

Our bait is not only offered online but we have bait shops everywhere that endorse our product. Just check out our locations page and see how many people carry Bait Binder Catfish Cubes.

Bait Binder wants to be your Top Catfish Bait when you are fishing!  Great Catfish Baits always have people using them every time they fish.  We have orders every day from the same customers! If you want the very Best Catfish Bait then you have come to the right place.

Check out all The Best Catfish Bait Cubes flavor profiles:  Strawberry, Blueberry Garlic, Cheesy Anise, Devils Dung, and Bloody Beef.