Making the Best Chum & How to Use It

David Gasque owner of Bait Binder here and I have been fishing my whole life.  Over the years I have used chum to catch bait fish and all varieties of saltwater fish just to name a few: Snappers, Groupers, King Mackerel, Ballyhoo, Shark, Yellowtail and Cobia.

Yes, I have made my own chum bait over the years and the one thing that I was really tired of was the time it takes to prepare and gathering all the ingredients. Believe me they’re some good homemade chum recipes that fisherman have conjured up over the years and they work!

I took the time to develop a chum bait that would not be time consuming that I could use anytime I want to fish.  We named it “Old Chum Crumble”  besides all you need is a bucket and water and you are chumming for fish.

We have fisherman from Alaska using Bait Binders “Old Chum Crumble” to catch Halibut.

So the technique of chumming depends on the species of fish you are trying to catch.  

Old Chum Crumble is easy to use:

1.) Place the desired amount in a bucket

2.) add water and stir until mixture clumps together

3.) Place in chum bag which is include when you purchase

4.) Suspend or sink chum bag and jerk line to disperse particles

You may pay a little more but our chum bait is ready to go when you are!

So if your chumming for bait fish or a particular specifies the Old Chum Crumble has been proven time and time again to be just as good if not better than a homemade messy stink bait.