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When you think about chumming for fish you probably remember watching TV and seeing chopped up fish with blood and guts being thrown over the side of the boat to catch sharks.

Well, Bait Binders  “Old Chum Crumble” has taken the mess out of chumming and has made it as convenient as possible to use its chum bait for fishing.  We have developed a scientific binding agent that enables the particles to be dispersed in the chum bag we include with your order.

How does our chum bait work:

1.) Mix ingredients with water until it clumps together

2.) Place in chum bag

3.) Drop to desired depth jerk line and particles will be dispersed

Here is just one method of chumming:

Drop chum ball to the bottom, with “old chum crumble” chum. If you let it rest on the bottom, the chum slowly breaks apart releasing small floating particles that rise up from the bottom and drift down current attracting schools of hungry fish.  You can put the chum bag at any level. This is just one technique we have used at Bait Binders

Smaller Snapper and Grouper will quickly pick find the chum bag. This creates a frenzy that attracts the attention of the larger fish who push in to eat the bait.

This product is proven to attract;

  • Yellow Tail Snapper
  • Grouper
  • Wahoo
  • Amberjack
  • Dolphin
  • Shark
  • Mahi
  • Tuna and several other fish species.

We know all fisherman have their own practice on how they chum for fish and that method can be used with the Old Chum Crumble product from Bait Binders.  

Who has the best chum bait? Our clients feel is science on how the bait binds is the best in the fishing industry. In our opinion is that  Bait Binders product compares to Snapper Up, Baitmaker Chum, or Chum Drop manufactured by Aquatic Nutrition. We feel we are the Best chum bait on the market.